“The effect of the work completed will help provide our customers with a system that is effective and recognized worldwide.”
Roper Corporation (Robert Jostes, Program Manager)

“I actually look forward to our operation staff meetings… the service level numbers are a complete turnaround and I have confidence in their projections and what they can handle. I know the pressure is on my guys to pick up the ball and run.”
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

“I can see the change in my management team in this short time you have been here. My people come to me with data and facts. I now have a whole understanding of all of them.”
Vice President, Warehousing

“I can highly recommend The AMS Group as they have proved themselves through two projects to be highly intelligent, well motivated and with great knowledge and experience in providing consulting services.”
Welch & Company (Robert Welch, President)

“This was a big help to me. I knew what the problems were, but we could never stop the fire fighting to get to work on them.”
Operations Manager, Manufacturing

“Now I have real time metrics so my people can’t make excuses anymore.”
President, Injection Mold Company

“With all of our talented engineers on staff, we are always looking for new equipment, but AMS taught us to look at the simple stuff which had a huge impact on our energy reduction.”
Site Manager, Chemical Company

“Our productivity has improved by 35% and simultaneously our quality has also risen dramatically.”
Northland Insurance Companies (David Pickard, Executive Vice President)

“Of all the people we met from AMS, we never met any young, arrogant, unknowledgeable individuals like we had with other consulting firms in the past.”
Vice President of Operations, Bottler

“Something that was really different with AMS; they were never perceived as consultants, they were received and worked as peers from day one.”
Plant Manager, Stamping

“Through the hard work and implementation skills of AMS we managed to significantly reduce inventory levels, create an effective and efficient work place and exceed national standards!”
Blue Cross Blue Shield (Bethany Smith)

“Through the AMS process our team embraced the training and resources, got involved in how we managed the business and drove continuous improvement. To date we have seen a 2.9:1 return on our investment.”
Vice President of Operations, Printing/Carton Manufacturing

“Our results from the AMS process are better than I could have ever imagined; for the 2nd Quarter heats were up 6%, charge tons up 9%, and cast tons up 4%.”
Melt Shop General Manager, Steel Mill

“For 5 straight months the melt shop has produced above the business plan. This is an outstanding effort from the whole Melt Shop team; we would not have built this team and driven the results without the help of AMS.”
Melt Shop General Manager, Steel Mill

“March was the perfect example of everyone pulling together as a team using our (AMS) process to accomplish both our individual department objectives and our overall business plan objectives. Heats and cast tons were 8% over plan, charged and provided tons were 28% over plan and shipments were over plan.”
Vice President & General Manager, Steel Mill

“We knew exactly where we wanted to go and AMS created an atmosphere that enabled us to achieve our goals and objectives in a relatively short period of time.”
Pennock Insurance, Inc. (Mary Marines, Vice President)

“Having this data is great. Before you guys (AMS) came, it was like pulling teeth to get information. Now, I can get real time data that I can use, anytime, anywhere.”
Sales Manager, Paper Mill

“I think the workshop training is the best, our guys are going through this as a team and that is important and necessary.”
Vice President of Operations, Steel Mill

“Once AMS personnel arrived on site and the project got under way we could see the enthusiasm and involvement building in our people… To date our overall project completion and timeliness have increased by 32%.”
American Utility Control Services, Inc. (Marvin Wargo, President)

“The guys are writing Work Orders, they never used to do that.”
Maintenance Superintendent, Paper Mill

“The energy action teams have completed projects and implemented process changes that I have been trying to do for years!”
Production Engineer, Paper Mill

“We have experienced a 65% improvement in productivity with a reduced staff that translated into a large dollar savings that exceeded our expectations.”
The Concannon Group (Mark Concannon, President)

“We’re seeing collaboration and communication between departments, between co-workers, between management and employees like we’ve never seen before.”
Vice President of Operations, Paper Mill