Digital Manufacturing Suite (DMS) for Industry 4.0

Visual PM’s Digital Manufacturing  Suite is modular software tailored to each clients requirements. Training and coaching from operatives through to executives in the  use of real time data insights empowers all of your workforce creating permanent behaviour change in all areas of the business.

Together these approaches transform a traditional manufacturing SME into a world class digital enterprise.

Productivity improvements
in excess of 20%
"71% lower maintenance
"Increased revenues by
20% or more"
"Reductions in energy
by 30%"
"Lowering of operational
costs by over 20%"
"Increasing Production
Availability by 2 weeks"
Release significant cash
back into the business

Digitalising your organisation is not just about advanced and connected technology!

Addressing the behavioural and cultural change requirements of your team, by implementing your DMS through our proven change methodology allows us to:

  • Deliver a minimum ROI (Return On Investment) of between 250% to 800% on an annual basis
  • Usually achieve an ROI of 100% before completion of the project
  • Quickly improve cashflow headroom
  • Facilitate top line growth by increasing production availability
  • Significant bottom line improvement from increased operational efficiences
  • Deliver on carbon footprint objectives

VisualPM’s Features & Benefits:

  • Modular solution connects production assets, systems, processes and people
  • Delivers real time data insights across whole of value chain – one version of the truth
  • Fully customisable dashboards, KPIs and intuitive analytic reporting
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing ERP systems including SAP
  • No large IT projects – first installations and data insights in the first week of implementation!