Self-Assessment Review

Digitalisation / Industry 4.0

The review is divided into FIVE major sectors:

  • Business Model Focus

    • (5 multiple choice questions)

  • Sales & Customer Focus

    • (5 multiple choice questions)

  • Production  & Processes Focus – The beating heart of Industry 4.0

    • (10 multiple choice questions)

  • IT Systems, Infrastructure & Security

    • (5 multiple choice questions)

  • Organisation & Culture Focus

    • (5 multiple choice questions)

The whole assessment process should only take 10 to 15 minutes to get a fully comprehensive review indicating not only where you currently are on your digitalisation / Industry 4.0 journey but also practical suggestions on next steps and where appropriate how you benchmark against your peers and competitors.

Simply select the statement that BEST fits your current situation from each of the multiple choice answers.


Business Model Focus:


How would you rate the impact of your current digital features in your products and services?

How much can customers individualise products and services ordered?

How digitalised and integrated are your functions of design, planning, engineering, production and services?

How would you assess the importance of current data use and analytics in your business? (e.g.: customer feedback data, product usage data, machine generated data).

How would you assess you collaboration with your customers, suppliers and partners for the development of your product and services?


Sales & Customers Focus:


How much do you use multiple sales channels to sell you products and services to clients?

How advanced is the digital enablement of your sales force?

How would you describe your pricing systems for customers?

How much do you use customer data to increase future sales, for example personailsed offers based on indivudal customer purchases and preferences or previous customer data for future desing and product development for customers?

How much are your multiple sales channels integrated with customers, for example information from website, blogs, forms, feedback and complaints?


Focus on Production & Processes – the beating heart of Industry 4.0 / digitalisation:


How would you assess the overall degree of digital integration and collaboration between your customers, suppliers and logistics with your own internal planning and production functions?

To what degree are your own internal processes digitally connected, from product development & testing through to planning, scheduling, production and dispatch?

How much control do you have real time of your production and how quickly can you react to changes in demand?

How would you describe the degree of automation in your production facilities?

How do you collect and use your operational data?

How advanced is the digitalisation of your production equipment?

How do you measure your performance across your production processes?

How do you control and track supplied and manufactured products?

How do you control inventories, supplies and lead times?

How do you control the maintenance of your production equipment?


IT Systems, Infrastructure & Security:


Are your current IT systems and infrastructure able to capture, analyse and interpret real time data from all of your internal processes from planning through manufacturing and product delivery?

How much are your current IT systems and infrastructure integrated with new technologies such as social media, cloud computing and analytics programmes for enabling your business operations?

How integrated are you IT systems and infrastructure with your customers, suppliers and fulfilment partners?

How responsive are your current IT systems and infrastructure to request of changes in your business needs?

How would you currently rate the security of your IT systems, infrastructure and data protection?


Organisation & Culture:


How much is digitalisation or Industry 4.0 a part of your organisational strategy and culture?

How would you assess the readiness of your people to embrace digital technologies?

How would you assess the current methods of measurement of success in your business?

How would you rate the collaboration of your organisation with external partners such as customers, suppliers, academia and other businesses in your sector?

How importantly do you view digitalisation as a part of your future financial success?


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