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Digital Transformation Journey

Empowering your people to create a world class digital enterprise, improving profitability, transforming customer service and operational efficiency with real time data insights and visibility right across your enterprise value chain.

“We had lots of data but none of it was talking to each other - that's what VisualPM does.” Owner - Manchester based SME - £30m t/o.

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Digital Manufacturing Suite - DMS DMS modular software seamlessly connects existing ERP systems, including SAP, with customers, supply chain, warehouse, production, logistics and finance. The result is the delivery of real time data and insights across your whole value chain, empowering your people and creating a world class digital enterprise.

"Don't be sceptical, do it right and it will change your business. Believe in digitalisation and believe in VisualPM." - Production Director - Discrete manufacturing.

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The VisualPM Advantage
Uniquely we focus not only on digital technology but also on your people, behaviour and culture to transform your manufacturing swiftly and permanently enhancing your competitiveness and future proofing your business.

“It was obvious we needed a new digitised system but what I hadn’t realised was the importance of the culture change aspects of what VisualPM do” – FD Global Corporation.

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Digital Transformation

This is not just about IoT, Artificial Intelligence, (AI) and machine learning capabilities it also has to incorporate human insights and experiences to create a new cultural, behavioural and upskilled workforce alongside a digital manufacturing system transforming your business.

Our Clients

“We have successfully delivered transformational projects and business turnarounds in a wide range of manufacturing environments, with real-time data and behaviour change being the cornerstone of our results. Automotive, Aviation, Light and Heavy manufacturing, Engineering, Chemical, Food & Drink, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas and High-tech industries. Some of the fantastic client organisations the VisualPM team have worked with include:”