AI & Connected Data

Connecting all your data sources providing one version of the truth.
- AI modules analyse Big Data from existing sources and are continually updated through the Digital Manufacturing Suite (DMS).
- Complex algorithms provide real time data insights that humans are incapable of.
- Machine learning, ML, recognises patterns for accurate predictive data forecasting.
- Key personnel can then receive real time alerts and insights allowing rapid and connected decision making across the entire value chain.
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Digital Manufacturing Suite - DMS Driven by AI and machine learning, (ML), with modular deployment.
Resolving major manufacturing issues:
- dynamic demand forecasting for products and materials
- supply chain transparency & inventory optimization
- stock allocation and auto procurement
- dynamic production scheduling using ML
- real time production control, quality optimization
- predictive maintenance, energy usage.
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The VisualPM Advantage
Uniquely we focus not only on AI and digital technology but also on your people, behaviour and culture to transform your manufacturing swiftly and permanently, enhancing your competitiveness and future proofing your business.

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Digital Transformation

This is not just about Artificial Intelligence, (AI), IoT and machine learning capabilities it also has to incorporate human insights and experiences to create a new cultural, behavioural and upskilled workforce alongside a digital manufacturing system transforming your business.

Our Clients

“We have successfully delivered transformational projects and business turnarounds in a wide range of manufacturing environments, with real-time data and behaviour change being the cornerstone of our results. Automotive, Aviation, Light and Heavy manufacturing, Engineering, Chemical, Food & Drink, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas and High-tech industries. Some of the fantastic client organisations the VisualPM team have worked with include:”