We are in the business of helping our clients achieve their operating objectives by turning opportunity into bottom-line results. The Digital Manufacturing Suite together with our Change & Empowerment methodology quickly transforms a traditional business into a world class digital enterprise. Typical business case scenarios:

  • Discrete Manufacturing – Manchester SME £30M revenues – full digital transformation – EBITDA +£4M in 12 months
  • Administrative – National US insurance company reduces costs across 45 offices and reduces service costs by 18%
  • Insurance Sales – Fortune 500 insurance company increases sales by 7% and customer retention by 12% including the DMS sales module and Change & Empowerment methodology also resulting in a 17% decrease in error rate.
  • Banking – US Fortune 100 bank increases efficiency 14% by with real time data and insights used across 325 offices in the US
  • Light manufacturing – Paper mill uses real time data to control & reduces energy consumption by 19%, broke (scrap) by 12%
  • Maintenance – Major Canadian mining organization increases maintenance productivity by 27% and mobile equipment uptime by 14% with the use of the DMS maintenance module and predictive maintenance.


IndustryCost $MPlanned Savings $MActual SavingsROI% SavedType
Manufacturing1.23.64.2350%117%Energy / Productivity
Printing1.96.37.8411%124%Cost Reduction
Mining3.46.311.9350%189%Cost Reduction
Sales and Support (Banking) & sales increase
Heavy Manufacturing (Steel) / Productivity
Payment Processing (Banking) increase
Light Manufacturing2.25.96.2282%105%Productivity increase
Chemical0.52.12.9553%138%Productivity increase
Auto Assembly2.36.79.1391%136%Productivity increase
Sales and marketing (insurance) retention & Sales Increase
Warehouse (Order Picking & distribution) increase
Call Center (Insurance) increase / Sales (Up-selling)
Machine Shop0.73.26.1938%191%Productivity increase
Heavy Manufacturing (Casting) Reduction
Policy Processing (Insurance) Reduction
Sales and Support (Paper) Sales / Productivity increase
Light Manufacturing (Machining) Reduction
Heavy Manufacturing (Auto Assembly) Reduction
Call Center1.55.16.2413%122%Cost Reduction / Customer Service
Heavy Manufacturing (Steel Production) Reduction / Productivity Increase
Warehouse (distribution) Increase
Customer Service /Sales (Insurance) Reduction / Service Improvement
Manufacturing (Mining) Reduction
Manufacturing (Paper) Increase
Manufacturing Assembly0.84.44.4550%100%Productivity Increase
Light Manufacturing (Equipment Assembly) Reduction
Service (Marketing & Printing) increase / Service improvement
Light Manufacturing (Paper)2.588.4336%105%Cost Reduction

Our Clients

“We have successfully delivered transformational projects and business turnarounds in a wide range of manufacturing environments, with real-time data and behaviour change being the cornerstone of our results. Automotive, Aviation, Light and Heavy manufacturing, Engineering, Chemical, Food & Drink, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas and High-tech industries. Some of the fantastic client organisations the VisualPM team have worked with include:”