The AMS Group is an implementation consulting firm that focuses on optimizing operational effectiveness for our clients. The firm was founded on several basic principles.

  • We realized that 90% of our clients’ variable dollars were controlled by frontline managers, most of who had been promoted either because of their tenure or technical expertise
  • 90% of training without reinforcement is forgotten in 30 days
  • We will not use our clients facilities and resources as a training ground for our people
  • We will guarantee results to our clients

We are an implementation firm. The AMS Group is not a white paper or strategy firm that charges you for writing down your ideas without anything being implemented. Not only do we work onsite with your people to get the results, we can usually achieve approximately 20 to 30% improvement and provide a 3 to 1 return on investment or better.

We are in the field with you coaching and training your frontline managers while enhancing the current management system. We focus on accountability and leadership at the “point of execution.” This allows our clients to achieve incredible results.

OUR RESULTS FOR OUR CLIENTS ARE GUARANTEED! The AMS Group utilizes the resources that are available to you to maximize your operating results.

Many organizations choose to make substantial capital investments in order to gain operational efficiencies only to discover that without making an investment in the people managing the resources, their desired improvements do not materialize. The AMS Group assessment of your operations will provide you with a detailed and quantified analysis of the opportunity hidden in your current operation.