Great leadership is often cited as the key ingredient to a successful organization, whether it’s a company, non-profit, club or sports team. Conversely, underperformance and failure is frequently attributed to a lack of leadership. It’s an elusive concept. Many of us assume that leadership is an inherent attribute: you’re either a born leader or you’re not.

This could not be further from the truth. Leaders can, and usually are, developed over a period of time. Successful leaders have mastered a range of skills. They are seldom just born that way.

The AMS Group difference
Many leadership development programs attempt to teach leadership skills in one session – whether it’s a keynote speech of 90 minutes or a five-day intensive leadership retreat. The reality is each of these skills needs to be applied before they are really learned. The uniqueness of The AMS Group’s approach is the focus on developing one skill at a time and requiring leaders to apply that skill in the workplace.


How can you effectively leverage the employee skills to ensure a smarter, more productive and cohesive work team?

Studies show a dramatic increase in both worker and business performance when an organization effectively sets and closely ties individual employee goals to the company’s overall strategy. Yet amazingly, a mere 7% of employees today fully understand their company’s business strategies and what’s expected of them in order to help achieve company goals.

Goal alignment is critical to your team’s success. It ensures that each team member can see the direction for the business and knows how their job fits in with the “Big Picture.” To achieve goal alignment with your organization, you must:

  1. Clearly communicate strategic business objectives to all the team members
  2. Cascade goals down to each level in the organization
  3. Link everyone into developing departmental/area goals which fulfill the overall organizational goals


The Adept process has been measuring the level of trust and alignment in senior teams for 30 years. Our research shows that there are few teams at the top that have a high level of trust and a high level of alignment with the organization’s:

  • Purpose
  • Values
  • Vision
  • Goals

There are five critical factors that determine whether your SLT can get into alignment and work together to accelerate achievement of your Vision:

  1. Agree on the Role
  2. Interpersonal Flexibility
  3. Trust
  4. Everyone’s on the Bus
  5. Motivation to be on the Team


Adaptable Senior Leadership Team is a powerful and intensive planning session that equips CEOs and their Senior Leadership Team with the awareness, understanding, and methodology to be proactive in dealing with the challenge of a rapidly changing business environment.

In times of rapid change, leaders need to make the right call when opportunity strikes.


There is a simple way to see how leadership is different to management… Management is mostly about processes while Leadership is mostly about behavior.

Management relies heavily on tangible measurable capabilities such as effective planning; the use of organizational systems; and the use of appropriate communications methods.

Leadership involves many management skills, but generally as a secondary or background function of true leadership. Leadership instead relies most strongly on less tangible and less measurable things like trust, inspiration, attitude, decision-making, and personal character. These are not processes or skills or even necessarily the result of experience. They are facets of humanity, and are enabled mainly by the leader’s character and especially his/her emotional reserves

Our reputation speaks for itself. It’s time for The AMS Group’s business professionals to help your organization become more effective.

I think the workshop training is the best, our guys are going through this as a team and that is important and necessary”

– Vice President of Operations, Steel Mill

The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born, that there is a genetic factor to leadership. This myth asserts that people simply either have certain charismatic qualities or not. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born. – Warren G. Bennnis